Do you have a metroPCS or Boost or any other service with unlimited plan? If yes, this is not for you :)
However, if you don't have one of them and would like to save some minutes on your phone this post will help.

Many of us forget about yahoo messenger! which actually lets you make free toll free calls within USA, you also have a number pad with that, so you can respond when asked to press a number. Type the toll free phone no. that you'd like to call in the space provided and hit ENTER. That will place your call. Call quality is excellent.

As I said yahoo is good for only toll free no.'s unless you want to pay! If you do like to call regular US phone no.'s for free you can go to, that lets you call for 5 mins or 15 mins if you sign up an account with them, Call quality is ok.
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Mispronouncing a English word is the last thing you wanna do. Ever ran into situations like that leading to embarrassment? Well not to worry.
I prefer UK pronunciation over US, I don't know why, but that's me.
  • Anyway, if you're looking for a English word meaning and pronunciation, then you wanna go to  They have both US and UK version of pronouncing, but they are a bit computerised voices.
  • If you're looking exclusively for pronunciation and that of real human voices, then you wanna go to This one has such a huge database, not just english but many other languages. The pronunciation are from real people from all over the world. Whats cool is you can record your pronunciation for words of any language. When you register with them you also can keep track of and can go on adding your unique pronunciation! Help them people out there who are trying to learn your language.
  • You can even request pronunciation from a member for specific words.
  • This is so helpful, you get to listen to multiple accents on a word, the website also shows the region on a map from where it was recorded. Check it out.
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Hello all,

ESWORD: what is better than having a fully comprehensive Bible in your laptop or your desktop? Of course you can find one online but trust me it is way better to have one installed in your laptop and meditate anytime offline. You can have study notes, commentary, english dictionary and index right in one window. And they are all synchronised, i.e. when you click a verse in Bible, corresponding commentary is displayed, also the word meaning on which you clicked is displayed in the dictionary. You will find more as you use it, its a one stop bible study software. Take a look at the screen-shot below.
Here are the steps
  1. Download e-Sword v9.5.1 from  here, save it and then install it by double clicking on it from the place where it is downloaded to. (This is GUI i.e. graphical user interface ).
  2. Now download and install the Bibles, from HERE
    1. Modern King James version 
    2. Kings James Version
  3. Download Commentaries from HERE; save and install them
    1. Mathew Henry's concise commentary
    2. Jamieson, Fausset and Brown Commentary
  4. download and install Noah Webster's english Dictionary HERE
Note: Those are only what I chose out of many add-ons available on their, you can go to their site and see other stuff that might interest you. Their site is

Any questions through comments please.
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How much are you paying to call india?
Do you know that indiaLD is offering a free 60 min to india? sounds good, doesn't it? well you have to be lucky though, chances i think are good because they're offering this free 60 mins to 2 million accounts. So it will a FCFS(first come first serve) basis. Also, you have to lucky enough to be one of those 2 million.
OK lets take a look at their price chart below

 I'd say only if you sign up for $27.00 or $29.95 you'd be paying lowest call rate to india and if you're lucky enough you might also get the free 60 mins.
Also, as a token to that  you get to Send Free SMS to India. NOT BAD.

Who else is in the race?

Especially those who make to hyderbad, nymgo is offering lowest rate of 1.6cents. Take a look at the price chart above.
I don't think it would go any cheaper than that. Ofcourse, if you're ok in buying in bulk. like buying 27 or 29.95 bucks worth talktime from  indiaLD.
This is pc to phone thing. So, if you make lot of calls to andhra pradesh and are ok with making calls from your laptop or desktop and dont'like to buy in bulk then Nymgo is your option. Call quality is excellent, let me throw that out.

well, I am using actionvoip to make calls to india. They charge in Euros and the minimum you can buy from them is 10 Euros. lets take a look at their call rates to india--
India  (Landline)
India  (Mobile)

Anyway for 10 euros altogether I was charged, $15.5 and I got 23+ hours of talktime. Actionvoip
is a very close competitor to Nymgo and Nymgo wins the race for sure if you're only making calls to "Andhra Pradesh." This is a pc to phone thing too like nymgo, and I enjoy it for the fact that I don't need to worry about my cell phone mins during weekdays in daytime. Call quality is not bad at all.

Hope this was helpful to you. have fun paying less!
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For a complete tutorial on how to use vpcs in gns3 you can check out Chris's blog here
This post will only help if you're having issues with connecting your vpcs to your routers in gns3.
Did you get this message when u tried connecting router's ethernet port in gns3 to one your vpcs?

206 - unable to create UDP NIO

steps to solve this

  1. Start a new project if you're working on a simple one.
  2. Otherwise, go to the "working directory"   ---->      where you save your projects and delete your project while your gns3 is still open with the current project.
  3. Now you CAN connect the router to your vpcs, check that and  save your project.
  4. Try to avoid switches in between vpcs and routers when verifying communication between the router and vpcs.
  5. Once you're connected and made sure  vpc and router communicate, by pinging from either of them, you can add a switch in between.
  • Careful with the Lport and Rport entries: vpc1 gets Lport: 30000, ip:, Rport: 20000
  • If Lport: 30000, Rport:20000 doesn't work try with different values, you can go up to vpc9 Lport: 30008, Rport:20008
With the " 206 - unable to create UDP NIO " you'll not be able to connect your router directly to your vpc but you can connect them through a Ethernet switch in between but there won't be any communication. Thats why, to be sure, connect your vpc to your router directly and if it connects, well and good if it doesn't then you wanna start a new project altogether or do steps 2, 3.
I dont think it really matters if I open vpcs first or the gns3 first. In my video i started vpcs after gns3, so.
Watch the video below. Its a simple topology, one router and one vpcs. you'll see how the error shows up and how we can avoid that.

f 0/0 -
ip     24
(gateway: is the router's f0/0

I will try to help , ask questions in the comments please. Thanks..  video here( Big screen ) or right below.

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