I was in need of getting a couple of passport style photographs. Crazy prices out there exclusively for passport style photos. Here is the list:

Walgreens : $7.99+tax
CVS pharmacy : $7.99+tax
FedEx: : $15.00+tax
PostOffice : $14.??+tax
Walmart : $14.??+tax
Costco : $5.00+tax

Obviously costco is better compared to the rest. If you don't have enough time you can go for costco. If you do not want to spend that much for a couple of pics ( size is 2 * 2") then you wanna do this:
First, requirements for the photo:
  • width: 2 inches, height: 2 inches
  • Front view of the face.
  • Gotta be bright, plain white background or off-white with no shadows
  • For exact requirements go here
Well you can take that picture yourself at home, even with a compact camera or if you have a soft copy already and just need a photo print out, well and good. If you're not a professional it might take a few shots to get the right one. Once when you are done you wanna go to this site: http://www.epassportphoto.com/.
What they basically do is take your picture and prepare a 4 inces by 6 inches photo sheet filled with about 5 of your pictures plus their ad. And they do this for "FREE!"
Now they'll give you the link to download your photosheet after you have gone through the 3 steps on their site. And thats it! ( you can replace their ad with another copy of your picture, you can do this in microsoft paint, so you have total 6 photos ). Example:

I think thats too much of a smile! According to state gov natural expression is preferred :)
Go to a walmart/walgreen/costco/CVS/FedEx - which ever is near by, It will cost you anywhere between 13-29 cents!!! to get a 4*6" photo printout. Take a paper cutter and cut your 6 passport photos from the sheet.

For 6 passport pictures you could've paid - $24+tax
With a little bit of your time you can get that for - $0.20 i.e. 20 cents.

wow!! thats a huge deal for anybody.
Posted by Freeman On 3:12 PM
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