What kind of university are you looking to get into do your masters?
  • Financial AID?:
  • 1.Californian universities DO NOT OFFER any kind of financial aid to international students. They're not even eligible to apply for aid, period!
  • 2.If you want to study in california no matter what but still don't want to pay too much of tuition fee, you might want to consider -
  • HGU - Herguan University : (tuition fee less than $3000, lowest in california, quality wise not as good as SJSU but better now)
And there are others in california but thats the core list above.

Other Universities not in california,  that you might wanna consider that offer financial aid for international students are:
 Well, there are others as well but this is a short list to get you started. Good luck.

Posted by freeman On 12:40 PM
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