If you want to try something new or if you do not already own microsoft office or even more if you like charity then this is for you.
What it has to offer:

1.TextMaker - equivalent to word, take a look at screen shot below.

2. PlanMaker - equivalent to Excel
3. Softmaker Presentations - equivalent to Power point ( screenshot below )

Whats nice: you can work on all your Microsoft docs, excel, ppts without any converter in between. ex: when we try to open docx(MS 2007) in MS 2003 word it needs a converter to open the doc. 
This is what it says on their website:

Christmas is coming early this year...
Between today and December 31, SoftMaker gives away full versions of SoftMaker Office 2008 for Windows – permanently usable and upgradable to future versions.

But there is more: For every download on www.loadandhelp.com, SoftMaker donates € 0.10 (ten Euro Cents) to charity and development projects worldwide on www.betterplace.org.

Thanks to Kaushik(www.instantfundas.com).
Posted by Freeman On 11:08 AM
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