Reason I needed to do this is whenever I boot into Fedora 12 and then later boot into windows 7, it shows wrong time. Not Fedora though! So I needed to find a way I can sync with a Internet time server at windows startup.
  • Click the windows start button or open the Run window and type - taskschd.msc and hit enter OR type "task scheduler" in search field of the windows start button and open it.
  • Expand - Task Scheduler Library, Microsft, Windows and you'll see - Time Synchronization, almost at the bottom.
  • Click that and all you need to do to set the time synchronisation at windows startup is self explanatory from the figure below (In step 2 Rt click and select properties).
Posted by Freeman On 12:50 AM
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4 Response to "Internet time sync at windows 7 startup"

  1. Useful too if your cmos cell battery is dead. Each time after shutdown the date & time settings are lost and have to be set on each boot. So until I replace the cmos battery this will simplify my life and release me of the tedious process that is changing the date & time on each boot. Thank you sir.


  2. Mark Said,

    Awesome, this is just what I needed. I have the same problem dual booting Ubuntu. Thanks for writing the post, banners clicked :-)


  3. Unknown Said,

    This is just what I needed. Thanks so much!


  4. Deniel nash Said,

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