Do you have a metroPCS or Boost or any other service with unlimited plan? If yes, this is not for you :)
However, if you don't have one of them and would like to save some minutes on your phone this post will help.

Many of us forget about yahoo messenger! which actually lets you make free toll free calls within USA, you also have a number pad with that, so you can respond when asked to press a number. Type the toll free phone no. that you'd like to call in the space provided and hit ENTER. That will place your call. Call quality is excellent.

As I said yahoo is good for only toll free no.'s unless you want to pay! If you do like to call regular US phone no.'s for free you can go to, that lets you call for 5 mins or 15 mins if you sign up an account with them, Call quality is ok.
Posted by Freeman On 8:04 PM
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1 Response to "Free calls to USA"

  1. ankush deol Said,

    TelCan provides you the guaranteed lowest and elevated voice quality calling cards. It charges you $0.016/min as low as possible. TelCan rates are all based on one minute billing increment. It offers you the various denominations calling plans that suits to individual need and budget. We offer you 125mins as low as in $2, 313mins in $5, 625mins in $10,938mins in $15, and 1250 in $20. These are the most cost effective plans which we provide you to accomplish your needs.
    TelCan helps you to nurture your relationships. It offers you various premium benefits:
    1 Minute Rounding: you will be charge for you calls on the basis of 1 minute rounding.
    180 days validity: It facilitates you to communicate for long term.
    Customer support: you will be able to share your problems ans make inquiry with us anytime. We provide you 24*7*365 live support.
    Send free SMS: TelCan account give you the facility to send free limited text message.
    Prominent features: we facilitate you our very prominent features like: Online call history, One Touch dialing, Pinless dialing, Speed dialing by experience these you can feel the difference.
    No hidden charges: we make you call India free from any extra burden on you. We don’t charge any amount as connection fees, maintenance, fees. You enjoy full value of your card with us.
    Crystal clear line: there is no use of buying a card, when you don’t get a good sound quality. We meet your demand here; provide you the best sound quality.
    Auto/Manual recharge: TelCan offers you Auto/Manual recharge facility, which helps you to never run out of credit.


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