Mispronouncing a English word is the last thing you wanna do. Ever ran into situations like that leading to embarrassment? Well not to worry.
I prefer UK pronunciation over US, I don't know why, but that's me.
  • Anyway, if you're looking for a English word meaning and pronunciation, then you wanna go to www.thefreedictionary.com/.  They have both US and UK version of pronouncing, but they are a bit computerised voices.
  • If you're looking exclusively for pronunciation and that of real human voices, then you wanna go to www.forvo.com. This one has such a huge database, not just english but many other languages. The pronunciation are from real people from all over the world. Whats cool is you can record your pronunciation for words of any language. When you register with them you also can keep track of and can go on adding your unique pronunciation! Help them people out there who are trying to learn your language.
  • You can even request pronunciation from a member for specific words.
  • This is so helpful, you get to listen to multiple accents on a word, the website also shows the region on a map from where it was recorded. Check it out.
Posted by Freeman On 8:39 PM
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