Two things I would like to suggest not to forget.
1. When you travel within USA, do not forget to check out prices on southwest airlines at
We always check out prices on,,,, etc etc ( If you're not already aware, there you have the list!)
Anyway whats the point here is, none of these sites list southwest airlines. And I always found southwest offering the best rates, moreover YOUR BAGS FLY FREE!!! with southwest. Otherwise you'd be paying about $15 for your 1st checked bag and about $25 for your 2nd one. You'd save $40 with southwest if you have two bags. If you do not have bags at all then you have more options to consider, I would also suggest to check in that case.

2. When you buy stuff online, especially electronic stuff do not forget to check for californians) and Also, note that Amazon does not tax except KS, KY, ND, WA. So if you're not living in one of them states, you'd pay flat rate, the list price and mostly free shipping if your purchase is above $25. taxes only these CA, MA, NY, TN. I am not excluding other sites well known sites out there, it is always good to check prices on, etc search for your product.
Posted by Freeman On 7:38 PM
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