To use your router as a switch:Right click on router, configure and in the slots tab select NM-16esw for slot1 as shown in fig.

    This is a simple topology to verify VTP. topology is as shown in the picture. I also used VPCS as pcs.
    I used routers as switches in gns3, please be aware that gns3 does not support all of the switch commands ex: port security.

    Topology details:
    -sw1 - f1/0 is connected to      sw2 - f1/0 which is our trunk link.

    -sw1 - f1/1 is connected to Vpcs1( Local port: 30000, Remote host:, Remote port:20000)

    -sw2  -  f1/1 is connected to Vpcs2(Local port: 30001, Remote host:, Remote port:20001)

    -sw1 - VLAN 1 IP Address is

    -sw2 - VLAN 1 IP Address is

    -Ping on sw1  and  Ping on sw2 to verify connectivity.

    -After creating VLAN 2 in sw1's VLAN database  it should appear in sw2 as well due to VTP.

    -Assign port f1/1 to VLAN 2 and give a 'no shutdown' command on both switches.

    -Vpcs1 - IP Address is,  GW- (just for syntax).

    -Vpcs2 - IP Address is,  GW- (just for syntax).

    -Ping from Vpcs1 and Ping from Vpcs2 to verify connectivity.

    VLAN 1 is in its own subnet and
    VLAN 2 is in its own subnet
      • Each and every interface must be manually turned on by 'no shutdown' command.
      • We have to set a VTP domain name and ofcourse, same on both the switches. Only then, we will see the Configuration Revision Value and others parameters being updated in the switches.
      Now that the topology is ready, please watch the below videos to see how VTP worked.
      Please watch in full screen for clear view. Videos are playing rather fast, you might want to pause in between to help.

      Part One

      Part Two
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