I loved firefox for its features, ease of use, keyboard shortcuts etc etc. I am sure you appreciate firefox too. I use it a lot with about 8+ tabs opened everytime. But I honestly was not happy with the time it takes to load and I decided to search on the internet if there is any browser that is fast just for a backup to firefox.

And I found K-meleon. This is a open source and absolutely free. People on internet said it is fast and best browser out there and they said it right.
It definitely is very fast, opens up and loads websites in a blink of an eye. I just cant say enough how fast it does things, you gotta try. I wanted to have this as a backup but it replaced my firefox totally. 

Take a look at screen shot. I customised the appereance, hid all the toolbars, menubar, bookmarks etc etc. Just so I can have more room for the page. I can access all the options using keyboard shortcuts anyway. This broswer can fit a lot of tabs than firefox.

You wanna try, here is the direct download.

Check out its speed in the video. Both firefox and k-meleon are compared with about 8 tabs. If k-meleon were to be loaded with no tabs at all it just loads in no time, its like a dry leaf, very light weight.


Posted by Freeman On 8:36 PM
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